Hi, I am

Noelia Berná

Professional Translation and Proofreading Services

Your texts are the true image of your brand. I help you to make them flawless.

Who are you?

An individual?


Professional translations are required to process your applications.

An entrepreneur or a company?


Professional texts enhance your brand image

¿A writer or a publisher?


Proofreading is essential to create good stories

My mission is to help companies and individuals to cross the linguistic barrier they face when dealing with legal, economic, or administrative procedures.

I also provide them with linguistic advice and proofreading for their texts in Spanish.

What do you need?


Texts about general topics.


Administrative, academic, legal, institutional, and financial documents.


Accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAEC).


Proofreading, editing, and MT post-editing.


I am Noelia, a sworn translator (English to Spanish) and proofreader.

I work with texts and contexts. You could say that I am in the business of ‘adjusting and delivering’ messages. When translating, my job is to make sure any part of those messages gets lost along the way. When proofreading, my job is to dress them and polish them until they shine.

If you want to see how I work, do not hesitate to entrust me with your message. I will take care of the rest.

Why do I have to choose a professional Translator or Proofreader?


A qualified professional provides first-class service in all fields of expertise, being responsible and ensuring the best results.


A competent professional knows where (s)he stands and understands the customer’s needs and goals.


Texts not only need to be accurate but also fluent, readable and coherent, well-drafted, and grammar error free. An expert knows how to use suitable terminology and solve consistency problems.

Only a professional can ensure a naturalized, good-quality result. In my experience, cheap work is very expensive.

“The translator is the best reader, as being able to tease a text apart, pull its skin off, cut it to the core, follow its veins, and then create a brand-new living being.”

Alberto Manguel

What they say…

Straight talking, professional. Took ownership (and all stress out) of the situation and produced far better than expected. Outstanding. Would hire again 10 times over a drop of a hat – fully recommend Noelia.

Nicholas Mark

Perfect! Quick and very professional legal translations! I would recommend to everyone!

Austin Zaelke,Benitago LTD

Noelia is an amazing translator, she is the right person for doing professional work, I always enjoy working with her, she is in my top translators’ list, I highly recommend her.

Marta Sperling, VE Vision Education

The work and feedback from Noelia were really excellent! I can highly recommend her work.

Anneliese Ziebell (Upwork)

Good texts solve and avoid problems. If you need to submit good texts -Spanish original or translated from English-, reliable and well-written, hire a professional.

How can I help you?

1. Tell me what you need:

  • Good, reliable, and accurate translations.
  • Professional texts which improve your brand.
  • A trustable professional who gives your peace of mind.

2. Send me your documents

3. Relax and do not worry!