Do you need to submit your Spanish manuscript to a publisher and want to make sure it is properly proofread? Have you written an article, a thesis, or a short story and would like to have it edited by a professional? Do you want the content of your website to look impeccable and be in line with the values your brand represents?

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Translations revision (from English into Spanish)

Proofreading & Editing Spanish texts

Machine translation post-editing

Internal communications

Marketing and social media


Corporate publications

Articles and blogs


Academic papers and degree projects


Proofreading may require different levels of intervention depending on the aspects to be revised and the quality of the text. There are several types of proofreading and each of them requires a different reading process. Since they are independent, they must be done at different stages and budgeted separately.

Bilingual proofreading (often called Revision)

Content editing refers to the process of making substantive changes to texts. It usually encompasses spelling and grammar. The objective at this stage is to make sure everything flows. Editing focuses on making the text more readable by checking clarity and style.


It consists of checking the translated text against the original to make sure the translation is accurate and correct.

The proofreader should have a high knowledge and command of both the source and the target language.


Proofreading is the final step before publishing. It focuses on eliminating errors, typos, and mistakes in punctuation, spelling, spacing, and formatting.